Whether you’re interested in learning about our farm and its unique elements; participating in activities such as photography, culinary and craft classes; or soaking up the spectacular scenery, there is something for everyone at Terre Bleu.

The perfect, family-friendly day trip from Toronto or nearby regions of Ontario, Terre Bleu is located on the edge of wine country and is a welcoming stopover for bicycling tours and cyclists who are in need of a different sort of break. We feature sustainable, organically grown products harvested from our own farm.

Learn about, experience and celebrate our connection to the land by taking part in any of the following agricultural-tourism or wellness activities offered at Terre Bleu:


  • Tour the spectacular grounds of Terre Bleu, including lavender fields with seven varieties of lavender, gardens and working farm facilities.
  • Watch us distill essential oils for Terre Bleu organic products in our distillery.
  • Visit the farm’s apiary, where you learn how we make our honey.
  • See the farm’s horses in the equestrian demonstration ring.
  • Take a cooking class on the property and learn how to make delicious recipes with local, organic ingredients.
  • Learn how to make crafts such as lavender wreaths, wands and sachets.
  • Attend special concerts by local artists in a variety of genres with the stunning backdrop of the fields and farm. Stake your claim on the grass with your blanket and enjoy an evening of great music as you look up at the stars.
  • Go for sleigh rides on the farm’s horses in the winter and early spring.
  • Get a massage by the lavender fields to finish off a full day in the country.
  • Visit the Terre Bleu store for local, organic products and gifts made from our lavender, honey and maple syrup.