Design Build Outdoor Art Competition



Submission deadline: June 16, 2017 @ 11:59pm

Results: June 19


Humans have an incredibly complex relationship with the natural environment. As one of our oldest endeavours, agriculture utilizes the distinct and miraculous relationships between sun, soil, and water to participate in a fundamental act of creation. It can be easy to forget that we too are born of these processes. Agriculture is often easier thought of as simply a social or economic enterprise but the cultivation of earth and the crops that arise from it are one of our most intimate ties with the natural world. The cultivation and consumption of the earth is our nature.

Terre Bleu Lavender Farm annually opens its gates to tens of thousands of visitors to educate and share in the process, experience, and beauty of agriculture in Ontario and this year has been awarded a Canada 150 Garden Experience designation.  At Terre Bleu, we recognize the importance of responsible agriculture that not only sustainably produces products for consumption, but has the obligation to address the ecological effects of agricultural practice on natural systems including flora, fauna, and people. We believe that an awareness and direct engagement with growing practices is an integral part of wellness and well-being. With this in mind, we’re looking for budding designers, artists, and builders to design and build installations that interpret these issues and bring forth these questions to the visitor experience.

How can art begin to articulate the complexities of human relationship and engagement with nature through materiality and form? Where does nature begin and end?

Winning teams will receive the following amounts to fund the construction of their installation :

1st Prize: $3000

2nd Prize: $1500

3rd Prize:  $1000

Installations will be seen and photographed by tens of thousands of visitors annually.  Assume 360° viewing angle. Consider interactivity. 


Send submissions by email: (max 10 mb)

Registration is required, but there is no fee to submit. 


Teams of 2-8 people will submit concept, detail and construction drawings on a 24x36 PDF panel along with a written statement detailing concept design, how the installation will be built, and budget. The number of drawings required is at the team’s discretion. 

The winning teams will build their own installation remotely or on location (or any combination thereof) between June 26- July 11. 

Teams must source and purchase their own construction materials. Winning teams may request an advance portion of the prize money to contribute to construction. The remaining prize money will be awarded upon completion/delivery of installation. 

Sourcing of materials, tools, transportation and accommodation (if construction is to occur on site) is the responsibility of the winning teams.

While there are no official size requirements, preference will be given to installations that can be transported by forklift or human. We recommend installations do not exceed approximately 15 cubic feet.

Installations must be able to withstand outdoor weather conditions (preferably for at least 2-3 years).  

** We strongly encourage entrants to visit,, and @terrebleu on instagram for context and more information and about our farm. Visits to the farm are encouraged and can be arranged by contacting


Once registered, teams will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours and a site map with possible/proposed locations of installations. If you have any questions, you may email


JUNE 16 @ 11:59 pm: Registration and Submission Deadline

JUNE 19: Winners announced

JUNE 26: Construction/Installation may begin on site (Monday-Friday 8-4)

JULY 11: All installations must be completed and on site

JULY 11: Prize money awarded


The Fine Print

Winning teams will receive a contract on June 20 guaranteeing award money upon completion/delivery of installation as exactly detailed in submission. If anytime after submission, the design is altered, Terre Bleu must be notified immediately in writing. Failure to do so, or the delivery of an installation that differs from the initial submitted design may result in reduction or forfeit of award money.

In exceptional circumstances, an extension on construction deadline may be granted. 

Whether a selected project receives a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd prize is determined in part by design ambition and proposed budget. A team’s budget may be less than or exceed the prize money awarded. Terre Bleu reserves the right to award as many or a few prizes as deemed appropriate based on submissions. There may be multiple 1st prizes, 2nd prizes, and/or 3rd prizes. While it is possible that no submissions are awarded prizes, we hope to select at least 3 winning teams.

For teams constructing on site, there may be unskilled labour to assist if requested. Teams are responsible for the acquisition and transportation of tools, building materials and/or installations to the farm. 

Upon delivery, installations will become the property of Terre Bleu Lavender Farm.