Sun 8/6 Hatha Yoga Class

Sun. Aug 6, 2017 10:00 am
Cost: Registration: Sunday Yoga   |   25.00
Class Size:55 people
Location:Terre Bleu Lavender Farm
Date:Sun. Aug 6, 2017
Time:10:00 am

Pre-Register Is Necessary

Whether you are a first-timer in search of a welcoming atmosphere in which to test the waters, or a seasoned yogi or yogini seeking a new experience, yoga in the fields here are Terre Bleu is the ultimate realization of relaxation and bliss suitable for all levels of practice. There is no better place to spend a sunny summer morning than outdoors, in fresh grass, breathing in the relaxing perfume of lavender and taking in the serene, gently rolling landscape. Our in-house yoga instructor has the knowledge and understanding to be able to adapt her instruction to the level of the class.  This is truly one of those special “quiet moments” that are becoming all too rare in our bustling lives. You are sure to come away with a feeling of peaceful relaxation, highlighted by a calming lavender tea and cooling facecloth scented with the pure essential oil distilled here at Terre Bleu.  Afterwards, you may take in a guided tour of the farm to learn about the intricacies of growing lavender, and the importance of the ecosystem of honeybees which helps our farm to thrive. 

Hatha Classes - Level 1-2

For students who have previously attended yoga classes several times and have an understanding of the basics of yoga.

Focused on alignment, this class will explore the body through yoga poses and breath, to build strength, flexibility and tone, while bringing balance to your body and mind. The asanas (poses) are taught with variations and modifications to meet you where you are in your practice. Each class ends with a relaxing cup of lavender tea and a lavender oil face mask.  

All Classes also include a free admission to Terre Bleu Lavender Farm.
Students are asked to bring a yoga mat blocks and straps, and may we suggest sunscreen and towel.

 25$ per session,  Discounted multiple-session passes are available 

Only ages 12 and up may register.  Please note guests cannot come in the farm when yoga classes start they must wait outside until 11am for regular admission.

Yoga classes are non-refundable. In the case of inclement weather, Terre Bleu will notify you via email and a rain date will be provided.  Please check your email prior to your class.

Registration Closed - This Class is Full