Fresh and sweet, our one of a kind honey hints of the lavender all around

While we can’t take much credit, as the honeybees in the Terre Bleu apiary do most of the work, our job is to extract the delicious honey from nature for you to enjoy in our range of organic products.

We begin by removing the honeycomb frames from hives in our apiary, uncapping the cells to open them and extracting honey from the frames in a machine called an extractor.  The extractor uses spinning, centrifugal force to release the honey. It ensures the wax honeycomb remains intact and can be reused by the bees. We then filter the honey so it is pure and clear of chunks of wax and pollen.

Flavourful and sweet, our special lavender honey tastes of our beautiful lavender plants that our bees have been happily polinating throughout the season. Come visit the Terre Bleu apiary and discover one of natures sweetest treats for yourself. Email info@terrebleu.ca to order our Premium Lavender Honey.