Our Horses




Standing just shy of 17hh, Atticus makes quite the impression to visitors on the farm. He has solid training in dressage, and has recently begun his training over fences with ambitions of becoming a hunt horse. His Clydesdale X Thoroughbred bloodlines have lent him the best characteristics of both breeds – a calm & willing personality, strong work ethic and great athletic ability. He is used on the farm to collect sap from maple trees throughout the property, giving us access to forested areas that would otherwise be off-limits for much of the winter season due to snow. He also has basic driving training, and will be revisiting his skills as a cart horse in the near future to lend a ‘helping hoof’ with advertising campaigns, product distribution & tours of the farm. Despite his intimidating size and stature, he quickly wins over the hearts of all our visitors when they realize he’s truly a gentle giant who wants nothing more than the apple in your pocket!



Star is a 12.2hh Hackney pony and was one of the first animal additions to Terre Bleu, purchased from a local sale. He was originally a driving pony, but has since added under-saddle training to his repertoire and discovered a love of jumping. He is a very friendly pony, you can count on him to be the first to greet you at the gate! Along with Atticus, Star assists us with sap collection on horseback, happily braving even the deepest snow drifts in order to reach the maple trees in the thick of winter. He loves to explore new trails and is always game to go for a gallop across the fields, but is also patient enough to teach young horse-lovers how to ride and has given many children their first horse-back experience. He will do anything for a treat, and his devilishly handsome good looks make it difficult to say no.



Belle is a 15.3hh Standardbred mare who retired from a successful harness racing career and spent a few years enjoying some R&R time prior to joining our herd at Terre Bleu. After receiving a brief refresher in training from a skilled driver, she quickly adjusted to pulling a sleigh rather than a sulky. She is quiet and reliable, knows her job inside and out and is an excellent choice for teaching newcomers how to drive. Visitors to the farm delight in having the opportunity to tour the property by sleigh or carriage and Belle has proven herself to be infallible, happily trotting amidst pond skaters, festive music, bonfires and daily traffic without so much as a second glance.  While she may seem shy at first, Belle is a quiet and kindhearted horse whose heart can be quickly won over with the offer of a gentle ear rub or a crunchy carrot. In addition to her work as a driving horse, Belle is receiving training to become a riding horse, and may represent Terre Bleu at OSAS competitions in the future.



Finleigh is a 16hh Thoroughbred mare who after only a little while on the farm one of our staff loved so much, we let her buy her and now she is boarded at the farm.  She had an early career as a racehorse before beginning re-training as a riding horse. She has proven herself to be a talented jumper who is very brave to fences. She will happily jump anything you point her at, and can set a fast time around a course when asked to pick up the pace. She enjoys trail riding and hacking down the road, but is set to begin a career as a competitive mount in the hunter/jumper ring, as well as accompany Atticus on hunter paces & foxhunts throughout the fall.



Enya is a 16.1hh Clydesdale X Thoroughbred mare with a quiet disposition and heart of gold. Enya joined our herd in early fall and has peacefully settled in to life on the farm. She is a kindhearted, gentle horse with a willing attitude towards everything we have asked of her. She is extremely patient with children, and will happily stand in the barn soaking up attention from anyone who looks her way. Her calm, congenial nature combined with her smooth, even gaits make her an excellent candidate for introducing newcomers to the world of horses. With some finishing touches in her training under saddle she will make an excellent show hunter, and we look forward to introducing her to the world of field hunting this fall.