Our Vision & Name

Terre Bleu’s name is French, translated literally it means “blue earth”

The vision for Terre Bleu is to create an exceptional agro-tourism experience to educate and entertain our guests. Our lavender farm, apiary and horse stables provide visitors with a place to stimulate your senses and revive the mind, body and soul. It is also our hope that as Terre Bleu grows we can leverage our success to enhance the community at large through special events and charitable efforts.

Our name Terre Bleu is French, translated literally it means “blue earth”.  For us, it perfectly represents the rich blues and purples that burst forth from the land when our lavender fields are in full bloom. A blue earth is also a healthy earth full of fresh air, blue skies and wide-open spaces. It is natural in its beauty, regenerating itself through the cycle of life.  OH and one more thing for our french friends as french canadians as well we do know that Terre Bleu should be written with an extra e to be gramatically correct, however we wanted a name that was unique to us and thus chose to deliberately drop the final e.