Pure Lavender Honey, 212ml


Minimum order of 2


Naturally produced by our own busy honeybees pollinating our lavender plants, Terre Bleu lavender honey is one of the most unique elements of nature on the farm, creating a sweet and delicious twist on traditional honey. Our premium line of pure lavender honey combines a light, well-balanced honey with a with the healthy properties of lavender.

In just a short time Terre Bleu's signature lavender honey is highly sought after and truly one of a kind. But don't take our word for it see what the Globe and mail wrote in their review: 

"The honey they produce is gorgeous. Extracted right at the farm, the freshness of it is unmistakable – the flavour of beeswax comes through – and the floral notes of lavender are subtle but definite. This is the kind of honey that must be tasted straight up on a spoon first, then drizzled over top-notch vanilla ice cream."    

(Globe and Mail December 2014)

Product Details:

Terre Bleu Honey is 100% pure natural lavender honey, completely unadulterarted in any manner, with absolutlely no additives, or pasteurization.  As with all pure honey, Terre Bleu honey will crystalize over time as it would in the hive.  To bring your honey back to a liquid form, simply place the bottle in warm water for a few minutes.  Two bottle minimum order required.


Although not common, a honey allergy is something that can be experienced by some individuals. This allergy is not an actual allergy to the honey, but a reaction by few individuals who are allergic to pollen, bee stings, and other components that go in to the making of the honey that bees consume.  If unsure please consult your doctor before consuming.