Online Shop

Welcome to Terre Bleu's Trial online boutique.   Our exclusive handmade lavender products have never before been available for purchase anywhere except at our farm.  This store is our first small step to meeting the phenomenal demand by so many of our followers to buy Terre Bleu products online. We are only testing online sales at this time and as such will only be selling a select few items in very limited quantities.  

Please note we are a small family farm and all of our exclusive products are artisanally made by hand with only 100% Terre Bleu Organic Lavender.  Our supplies are very limited and thus we apologize if certain products are periodically sold out.  As we develop this side of the business we will try and expand our offerings and increase online supply to better serve the overwhelming demand for Terre Bleu's exclusive line of products. Our products are only available for shipping within Canada at this time.  For more information about other products or special orders please write to